Dr Assaf: Women’s Rights in Bahrain the Best in the Gulf

On 2-10 October 2009, a training course was organized by the

Bahrain Society for Human Rights aimed at preparing male and female trainees on women’s rights issues. The workshop was attended by human rights activists from eight Arab countries. Dr Nizam Assaf , the General Director of Amman Centre for Human Rights Studies, said ‘the condition of Bahraini women’s rights are the best in the Gulf as women are able to participate in the Parliament and Shura Council, and have participated successfully in political and social activities. He added that Bahraini women also headed educational institutions, as well as undertaking important positions in many international organizations in the UN. Assaf also stressed that despite being the best in the Gulf, the status of women in Bahrain still lacked complete equality with men, and there is need for the allocation of parliamentary seats exclusively for women and contributing more to decision-making at the governmental and social levels.