MPs ratify the Convention against Corruption and the Interior Ministry vows to fight it

In November 2009, the House of Representatives approved Bahrain’s

joining the UN Convention against Corruption. After a lengthy discussion, MPs criticized the spread of corruption in the State, especially the fact that revenues of sold lands were not included in the State’s budget. The Convention aims to prevent and combat corruption, promote integrity and accountability and achieve correct administration for public properties. It also stresses the importance of basic values, respecting the rule of law, transparency and accountability. The Convention provides a new framework for active work and includes a number of standards and procedures which all countries can implement in order to promote their legal system.

On the same level, the Interior Minister Shaikh Rashid bin Abdualla Al Khalifa saw the spread of corruption as an obstacle facing development which leaves negative effects on all fields economically, socially as well as on the security of the country. He added that in order to protect Bahrain’s reputation and public money and in order to achieve the principles of justice and equality, his Ministry will introduce a section for combating corruption by following legal means to detect, follow up and bring those responsible to justice, as well as establishing a hotline for complaints and comments on corruption issues and taking the necessary procedures.