Princess Sabeeka: the Quota System should not be Imposed

The wife of the King of Bahrain, Her Royal Highness Princess

Sabeeka bint Ibrahim Al Khalifa, said in an interview with Al Hayat newspaper on 8 February 2010 that she does not perceive any obstacles which prevent Bahraini women from participating alongside their male counterparts in building their nation. At the same time, she rejected the idea that Bahraini women should enter parliament through the quota system, adding that ‘imposing the quota system could bring unqualified women into positions of authority, which might negatively affect the political experience of the Bahraini woman and cause setbacks in her participation in this field’. She also hoped that the participation of Bahraini women in the next parliamentary elections would be a success and proof of political maturity. She also said that she does not relish the idea of politically imposing women through the quota system, expressing her desire that Bahraini women follow the same route as men in securing seats in parliament, whereby they are elected by the people through persuasion and not by imposition.