The Minister of Interior Answers Fayrooz

In response to MP Jawad Fayrooz’s question regarding the torture allegations contained in the HRW report, the Minister of Interior

MP Jawad Fayrooz & Minister of Interior
Shiekh Rashid bin Abdullah Al Khalifa said that: ‘the Ministry of Interior is investigating all complaints regarding allegations of breaches from one member of the security forces, and all legal procedures are being taken. If the breach proves to be true, all necessary procedures to hold the perpetrator accountable in accordance with the Penal Code and the Security Forces Act will be taken’.

The Minister also said there are other bodies in the Ministry which are responsible for receiving and investigating complaints including the Administration of Complaints and Human Rights. He added that ‘approximately 32 cases have been investigated by the Ministry of Interior in 2008-2009, and are being dealt with in accordance with legal procedures’. However, the Minister also added that ‘no case has yet been referred to the courts, since no torture has taken place and there has been no legal ruling which charges any member of the security forces of committing torture”. The Minister believes that ‘such claims and torture allegations are merely based on rumours, and there is no concrete evidence to support them’. He also referred to detention centers by saying: ‘all these are subject to judicial inspections by the Public Prosecutor and the Judiciary, who have the legal right to inspect and investigate any complaint within the legal boundaries and to take the necessary legal procedures against anyone who violates the law’.