Calls for Release of Detainees amid Riots and Violence

On 22 May 2010, tens of individuals protested in Malikiya deman

ding the release of all detainees on security and violence charges, which led to the killing of policemen and foreign workers. On 7 May 2010, a peaceful and legal demonstration was organized in Sitra demanding the release of the same detainees. However, after the end of the demonstration, a group of rioters set fire to a number of tyres and threw them in the street. This resulted in the interference of the security forces that confronted the riots on the same day in other villages. Previous to this, on 1 May 2010, a number of youths attacked a high school for girls in Al Had with burning bottles, which resulted in fires and damage to the building. Many condemned this irresponsible assault on public property and subjecting civilians to danger.MP Abdulla Al Dosari condemned advocates of violence and demanded legal action be taken against them.

On 8 May 2010, Duraz Intermediate School for Boys was attacked with Molotov cocktails for the fifth time without resulting in injuries. Also, on 27 April 2010, Arad Preparatory School for Girls and other schools were subject to systematic violent attacks in an attempt to close the schools using threats and spreading fear. This was incited by calls for violence by political extremist groups such as the Haq Movement and the Freemen of Bahrain Movement, which is legally encompassed by the Bahrain Centre for Human Rights.