The King and the Prime Minister Meet Members of the NIHR

On 7 June 2010, HM the King of Bahrain met the President and members of the National Institution for the first time. The delegation was headed by Salman Kamal Al Deen. The meeting lasted about two hours, in which discussions were evolved around the Institution and its expected role. The King stressed the importance of the NIHR, and its role in protecting the rights and dignity of Bahrainis. The King regarded adhering to Arab and Islamic values as one of the pillars of the Institution and praised the expertise and capabilities of the members of the NIHR in human rights, which will contribute to helping the Institution achieve its objectives confidently. Finally, he thanked them for their efforts in carrying this national responsibility.

On 30 June 2010, His Royal Highness the Prime Minister met the members of the NIHR, and said that the Kingdom of Bahrain was able to fulfil many of its international human rights commitments. He added that the establishment of the NIHR represents a positive and important development towards more promotion and protection of freedoms and human rights. The Prime Minister also stressed the Government’s desire to continue working to improve human rights and promote fundamental freedoms. This comes in the context of partnership with civil society and through a comprehensive national vision based on respecting and protecting human rights as an inextricable part of social practice.