Nazaha Society Sues Ministry of Social Development

The members of the Preparatory Committee of the Bahraini Nazaha Society (which literally means Integrity) have filed a law suit

Hussain Mansoor
against the Ministry of Social Development. Nazaha claims that the Ministry is delaying the response to their registration request since receiving their application in November 2009. The Ministry responded to the law suit with an official letter in which it rejected registering Nazaha as a civil society. The rejection was justified on the basis that it falls outside the jurisdiction of the Ministry. The letter also stated that the Statue of the Society lacks social objectives- according to the definition of the Ministry of Social Development. Thus, it suggested that Nazaha should request the license from the Ministry of Information instead.

The members of Nazaha expressed their regret regarding the Ministry’s decision. Hussain Mansoor - one of the founders - believes that the decision is unconstitutional and against the law. He also accused the Ministry of being ‘an obstacle to the freedom of citizens which is guaranteed by the Constitution and the law. Mansoor also announced that they will continue their legal battle against the decision. It is noteworthy that a number of human rights activists, journalists and academics decided to establish Nazaha with the aim to introduce a code of conduct for integrity, monitor integrity during referendums and elections and fight all forms of corruption and favouritism. This is in addition to issuing national legislations, ratifying agreements to promote the values and culture of integrity and supporting the national democratic movement in the Kingdom of Bahrain.