Financial Disclosure Law

After a long struggle and continued demands by civil society organizations, the Financial Disclosure Law No. 32 for 2010 was finally announced after being signed by the King. The Law applies to the following: ministers, deputies of the prime ministers, under secretaries and their deputies, directors, governors, chairmen and members of the Shura Council and MPs, members of local councils and municipalities, Judges, Prosecutors, representatives of Government in public institutions and companies, heads and senior officials and directors, Government employees etc.

The issuing of this law illustrates that Bahrain is heading towards greater transparency, the promotion of accountability, integrity and financial and administrative control. It is also making steps to combat financial and administrative corruption in various State apparatus. The Chairman of the Shura Council, Ali Salih Al Salih, highlighted the cooperation of both the Legislative and Executive authorities in the passing of this new law and noted the ratification of the UN Convention against Corruption on 4 February 2010.