The King:

Implementing the Law to Protect Civil Peace

On 12 August 2001, H.M . King Hamad bin Esa Al Khalifa, announced at the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan that ‘there are some citizens who insist on living abroad and insulting their country without any reason’. He added that these individuals ‘can return to Bahrain and express their opinions freely as the door is open for all those who wish to join their families during this holy month’. On 13 August 2010, the King stressed the importance of ‘implementing laws without any hesitation against any act that aims to hinder our development, especially as they can express their opinions within the legal means that are available to all’. He also added that ‘all forms of incitement should be stopped and instigators bear the full responsibility for this and should stop all shameful practices. The Ministry of Interior as well as other Ministries need to take the necessary measures to stop them in order to protect our families and children from danger and our beloved country and its respected citizens.’

On 17 August 2010, the King called for correcting the legal status of institutions that work illegally. It seems that the King was referring to Haq Movement, Al Wafa Al Islami and the dissolved Bahrain Centre for Human Rights. He added that ‘the legal statuses of these institutions need to be corrected. They should also work within the law which organises their activities in the Kingdom within a clear legal framework, which is the case in developed countries’. The King also stressed that the recent security measures will be within the framework of the law and stated that ‘as we live in a country of institutions and law, all security measures taken recently will be referred to the judiciary’.