BHRM Welcomes the Establishment
of the Ministry of Human Rights

Bahrain Human Rights Monitor welcomes the Royal Decree, which renamed ‘The Ministry of Social Development’ ‘The Ministry of Human Rights and Social Development’, saying that it highlighted the importance of human rights locally, and the necessity of improving it in line with Bahrain’s international obligations.

The BHRM added that what distinguishes this new Ministry is that it consists of a managerial and administrative base of three administrations, each specialising in one aspect of human rights, whether it involves responding to international obligations, or communicating and liaising with human rights organisations or dealing with the legal requirements of adhering to international obligations.

The BHRM believes that the new Ministry will allow Bahrain to improve its internal human rights record, as well as maintain its credibility abroad, as it will provide more opportunities for interaction with human rights bodies and institutions inside and outside the country on the basis of transparency and objectivity.

The BHRM hopes that this Ministry will deal seriously with all the pressing human rights issues through the use of comparative legal studies, a new legal discourse and a professional performance that will make up for the previous faults in the Government’s performance.