Ministry of Education:
Conditional Reinstatement of Scholarships

On 25 May 2011, the Minister of Education Dr. Majed Al Nuaimi said that “the Ministry had previously discontinued a number of scholarships inside the country and abroad for their involvement in anti-government protests and violating the terms of their scholarships. It was made clear to the Ministry from the many letters it received from the students’ parents that they would be willing to sign a pledge promising never to get involved again in similar activities. The Ministry decided to re-pay the university tuition fees for the students and oblige them to sign a pledge vowing to refrain from any activity that might damage the reputation of Bahrain. All students abroad were made to report to the Cultural Attaché in their country of study in order to sign the pledge before receiving their monthly stipend. As for students inside Bahrain, they should report to the Ministry with their parents for the same reason. If any student is proven to be involved in such activities in the future, his/her scholarship will be immediately cancelled and he/she will be obliged to pay back all the expenses paid by the Ministry.