UNDP Facilitates National Reconciliation

The Assistant Resident Representative of the UNDP in Bahrain, Mr Mohammed Al-Sharif, announced the launch of a programme designed to attract experts to improve the communication skills necessary for achieving national reconciliation. He also believed that international experts would be needed to provide training for institutions as well as individuals, adding that the UNDP has already organised 25 successful programmes to support these kinds of skills. Moreover, one of UNDP’s American experts in New York Chetan Kumar stated that the organisation met several officials, as well as the Council of Representatives, and discussed with them successful international experiences on national reconciliation. He also added that field surveys and polls to individuals and institutions will begin soon, as national reconciliation is necessary for the security of society. He also added that mistrust between the two parties is natural at this stage, for sometimes the stronger party lacks a motive to communicate, depending on its power, whilst the weaker party can also cast doubts on the other. Trust should first be created and fears removed in order to start the reconciliation process. He added that individuals and groups should be encouraged to facilitate reconciliation by removing boundaries between the various social segments. Each group has different way of thinking and certain communication skills, and all should cooperate to provide a safe space for each other in order to restore confidence.