Technical Cooperation between Saudi Arabia and OHCHR

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) has preceded Bahrain in requesting cooperation with the OHCHR. An agreement has been drawn out between KSA and OHCHR in June 2012 i.e. three years ago. The cooperation agreement in its entirety includes the same issues tackled in the agreement with Bahrain, although OHCHR usually designs programmes that are customised to each country’s needs after consultations with the respective country. In respect of Saudi Arabia, there was a need to promote capacities in the area of international human rights law, particularly with regard to the United Nations’ mechanisms; training of those charged with the implementation of national human rights regulations and preparing worker’s guideline manuals pursuant to the international rules of human rights. KSA has also requested assistance in developing the role of the judiciary in protecting human rights, through seminars and courses, in addition to seminars and conferences that were organised with civil society institutions. Further meetings were held between human rights experts and the relevant judicial organs and bodies in Saudi Arabia, to develop working methods that could ensure the protection of human rights in accordance with the principles of national institutions. Moreover, the agreement involves assisting Saudi Arabia in preparing periodic reports in fulfilment of its international obligations, in addition to other matters that would be implemented in the course of several years.