The Opposition’s Stance in
a Message to His Majesty the King

In a message written in the name of the national and nationalist opposition, the opposition expressed its stance on the general guidelines presented by the Crown Prince’s letter. The opposition’s message indicated that Bahrain is affected by the troubled regional situation, which is expected to see more turmoil due to the excommunicating terrorism. This, concluded the message, calls for rallying of internal ranks and ending the political divide, by agreeing at the very least to manage it in a civilized manner. The message added that: “if we go to the elections of 2014 without a national, political consensus, it will increase divisions and perpetuate crisis”. The message stressed that the opposition “Extends a hand of sincerity and has enough flexibility to establish a national consensus that would make Bahrain a successful model in the region. Such agreement will receive regional and international backing and support “.